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Armored Combat Northwest January Training Camp

January 9, 2021 - January 10, 2021

When the team CERBERUS was formed, the group decided it was going to be like no other team before it. The focus would be on bringing in world class fighters from different disciplines to teach those in the armored combat world a cleaner set of skills.

While Armored Combat is like no other fighting style out there, it draws influence and skill from all other fighting styles.

The January 2021 training camp will focus on four primary aspects of armored combat.

Team fighting – Individuals and teams will work together to refine tactics, utilize the full combat field and test different attack/defense methods for team fighting.
Weapons striking – All participants will get top level instruction from some of the best buhurt fighters the nation has to offer. People will have detailed classes on two handed and one handed weapons striking. The focus will be on how to generate power and WHERE to hit opponents for the most damage.
Traditional Striking – Being able to hit effectively with a fist or foot is often overlooked as a trainable skill. As a great teacher once said, “All young warriors think they can fight, fornicate and ride a horse with the best of them without any practice.” learning how to throw a proper punch is an absolute must in honing your fighting skills.
Grappling – This is a skill many learn over time and much of the lore around grappling focuses on rediscovering skills already known to the BJJ and JUDO world. The classes we’ll teach will bring in top tier BJJ and JUDO instructors for a well rounded an in depth experience.


January 9, 2021
January 10, 2021