The American Medieval Combat Federation (AMCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the art of historical medieval armored reenactment through the expansion and support of the medieval reenactment community. It is our mission to provide assistance to individual participants and clubs throughout the United States.

That mission begins with you. Whether you are simply curious and want to learn more about historical medieval armored combat, or you have a burning need to get in armor and participate, we are here to help.

The AMCF maintains a list of contacts and clubs, mainly for the purpose of connecting individuals with established groups and other participants in their area. So, send us an email and introduce yourself: welcome@amcfederation.com. The AMCF can answer your questions and help you get started.

If you are inclined to social media, follow our official Facebook page for news and announcements. You can also join the conversation in our public Facebook group where the AMCF freely shares information about medieval armored combat, fighting events, training, historical authenticity, and many other topics. There is no membership requirement.

The AMCF is dedicated to these principles.

  • The participants of historical medieval armored reenactment are the most important elements of our community and our sport.
  • Anyone that meets the equipment authenticity and safety requirements of a tournament, practice, or seminar should be allowed to participate free from discrimination or prejudice.
  • The medieval reenactment community benefits from open contact between clubs and organizations.  Discouraging and prohibiting cross-organization participation creates harmful divisions within the community, and is counter to the healthy development of the sport.

Membership in the American Medieval Combat Federation has two primary benefits.

  1. Members in good standing may vote in the annual election for new Directors of the AMCF Board. Each Director serves for a three year term and makes decisions that have a direct impact on the organization’s vision, policies, and judgements. All Directors are elected by the AMCF membership and thus represent the will of the armored medieval combat community. Membership is also required to be eligible to be on the Board.
  2. Liability insurance. Each Member of the AMCF is covered by a policy of legal liability, and can be provided medical payments due to accidental injury. Coverage extends to AMCF-approved events, such as practices, meetings, and seminars. It can also protect AMCF members at events run by other businesses and organizations.

Our governing documents are available here.