Annual membership in the AMCF is $20. The Registration Form is available here.

If you’d like to modify or cancel your subscription, please use the membership portal here.

Membership in the American Medieval Combat Federation has two primary benefits.

  1. Members in good standing may vote in the annual election for new Directors of the AMCF Board. Each Director serves for a three year term and makes decisions that have a direct impact on the organization’s vision, policies, and judgements. All Directors are elected by the AMCF membership and thus represent the will of the armored medieval combat community. Membership is also required to be eligible to be on the Board.
  2. Liability insurance. Each Member of the AMCF is covered by a policy of legal liability, and can be provided medical payments due to accidental injury. Coverage extends to AMCF-approved events, such as practices, meetings, and seminars. It can also protect AMCF members at events run by other businesses and organizations.